January 5 2007

Back Online Again

Posted by: Aubustou

Academy of Dwemer Studies is back online after some monthes.

May 22 2004

Back Online

Posted by: Nigedo

Apologies for eight weeks of downtime. Both the Academy and the Whirling School are back for good now. Updates will follow soon.

January 5 2004

Academy goes multi-lingual

Posted by: Nigedo

Thanks to Reaver this website is now available in Russian on his excellent Elderscrolls.Net domain.

Our research has also been republished on the French Wiwiland forum where members of the Judgehype team are attempting to decipher Dwemeris Glyphs.

November 23 2003

Site launch

Posted by: Aquiantus & Nigedo

Welcome to the new Academy website. At last you can see the new breakthrough that we have made by sucessfully translating certain Dwemeri writings.

While you're here, take a look at the amazing observations and depictions of the planets and constellations, discovered at the Dwemer observatory of Stros M'Kai.

We hope you enjoy this site and we would like to thank everyone that has contributed and supported us.

Special thanks to WormGod, Dave Humphrey, ajax34i and Solin.

Please check back on our progress, we hope the site will continue to expand.

We would also like you to contribute. Feel free to contact us with your own ideas.